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"The work performed was in a timely and efficient manner. I will definitely used this service again."

Reshelle Matheny, @warriors_talk

Manuscript Critique

Manuscript Evaluation 

Helping you make your story stronger and hook your audience right from the start!

I will provide a manuscript critique evaluation with in-line feedback tracked on the document, and an additional reader report page with customized feedback.

I will critique your story for: readability/flow, pacing/plot, character development, dialogue, structure of the story, plot holes/inconsistencies, story arc, storytelling technique, writer strengths/weaknesses, improvement opportunities and up to 5 specific questions/concerns from you (the writer) that I will answer/address in an additional reader report

What kind of stories would be a good fit?

What Kind Of Stories Do I Critique?

I specialize in Young Adult and Middle Grade fantasy and/or fairytale-inspired books/stories.

I am open to critiquing other genres within YA and MG as well as New Adult (but I don't critique spicy stories or those with abuse or sexual content.) I am also open to editing and critiquing Christian fiction and nonfiction works such as self-help or inspirational stories (like the books: Bamboozled by Jesus: How God Tricked Me Into the Life of My Dreams, When Warriors Talk, God Listens by Reshelle Matheny, and Becoming by Michelle Obama.)

Are you a screenwriter or a playwright who needs feedback? I would love to work with you too!

For movies, plays, and shows, I specialize in fantasy, comedy, and historical fiction. 

Though, remember: I do not critique stories with erotica, explicit sex, or abuse scenes in any genre for books or productions.

Sample Edit

Sample My Style

If you’re interested in a manuscript critique, I’d be happy to provide a few examples of previous manuscript critiques I've done for other writers. Then, you can preview the style of in-line feedback I provide and check that it’s the right fit for you.


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