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I write stories that always include Black Girl Magic and, most times, a fantasy setting/magical elements. I turn those stories into children's books, Middle-Grade fiction, Young Adult fiction, New Adult fiction novels, audio dramas, short films, and web series. 

I have been writing stories since kindergarten and I even competed in writing competitions for young authors. My love for reading and writing was sparked during that time in my life and has continued to grow over the years.

I was the kid that wrote stories for fun. I created plays and made my family watch me perform them with whomever I could convince to join me. That kid took acting lessons, studied at NYU Tisch for a short time, and grew into a woman who has a passion for storytelling that overflows with creativity and purpose.

Stories are not just a passion of mine, but I strive to help others become better storytellers as well. I used my love of stories as a professional freelance proofreader and copy editor.

More About My Publishing History…

I was previously published in a book anthology called When Warriors Talk, God Listens. In the two chapters I penned for this book, I share my real-life experience as the daughter of a cancer survivor. I also self-published an Inspirational/Christian book called Better: A 21 Day Devotional Journey during the height of the pandemic for my family and friends.

I have moved away from publishing non-fiction so that I can create fictional stories that inspire Black Girl Magic on and off the page. 

Other Facts About Me…

I enjoy spending time with my husband and Nox (our puppy.) My husband and I are partners in life and in ministry. We are active members of our church and dedicated followers of Jesus.

As a lover of stories, I also work as an independent screenwriter, playwright, director, and actress. 

No one asked but...I'm a Ravenclaw who loves listening to POV playlists, all things that have to do with The Beatles, reading a good YA/MG Fantasy book, cozy sweater weather, comfy boots, gorgeous hats, and iced matcha lattes with no ice (LOL.) I'm a vegan, so you can find me watching how-to YouTube videos about cooking delicious plant-based dishes. I also enjoy binging movie commentaries on YouTube (because who doesn't?) and creating TikToks in my spare time. 

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haelym press and productions LLC is my publishing and production company where I publish books and turn those books into productions such as audio dramas, short films, plays, and web series.


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